We want to be as transparent as possible! Read below to see how we make sustainability work for us:

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Responsibility and Sustainability💬

While the idea of "sustainability" is beneficial, it is often used as an empty umbrella term for a whole host of other topics. As we all know, the fashion industry is far from being clean. Adding the undefined pressures of what sustainability could/ should mean takes away from the real goal here, holding ourselves accountable for our actions- and how those actions impact the things, environment and people surrounding us."Responsibility" at XAREA means we understand that our products lifecycle begins way before it reaches the buyer and we are doing all we can to responsibly create and deliver to you the best products possible. By simply changing the words we use reframes our thinking and will hopefully stir up new and manageable ideas. Some, but not all categories we hold ourselves responsible for are: sourcing materials, equal pay, waste management, and embodying the change we want to see.


Inside the Product👜

Choosing Materials: Whether it be dead-stock silk or vintage table cloths- nothing is off limits! Up-cycling materials reduces a small, but important percentage of textile waste that would otherwise go unused. At XAREA we see the beauty in what could be, transforming forgotten materials is our favorite thing. 

Inside the Bag: Our signature soft but study bags are created through the use of felt crafted from 100% post consumer textile waste. 

Smaller Runs: Creating in smaller batches ensures we utilize all our materials properly, never overproduce and can focus more time on making each piece special. Because each item or colorway is limited run, numbered tags have been sewn into each item- do not remove this as it is an important reminder of why each piece is so special.


In Our Studio📍

Waste: By allotting different trashcans for paper waste, textile waste, recycling and regular trash we can easily monitor our waste and decipher what is truly considered “trash”.

Energy: We love to utilize every minute of sunlight in the studio- it is important to conserve energy by turning off lights and appliances when no longer needed or in use.


On the Way to You💌

Packaging: By using recycled paper mailers, cotton dust bags and opting to exclude a printed paper order/return slip XAREA hopes to make small but substantial efforts in reducing waste during the shipping process!


How You Can Help🕊

Get Involved: Implement sustainability standards in your own life, repair your clothes, learn new things and always remain conscious!